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Consultation Packages

Prospective Candidates

Are you considering a run for office? Whether you are currently elected, a community leader/organizer, or a candidate, T. Booker Strategies helps candidates shape effective campaigns that reflect their campaign goals and plans and the communities they seek to reach.

Whether it's an electoral campaign, issue advocacy, or public education initiative, our team has the expertise to guide you to success. We also offer candidate consulting to ensure your campaign stays on the right track. If you are interested in speaking with us about our campaign consulting services, you can book a consultation with us today.


15 Minute Session

Our complimentary 15-minute consultation session lets you experience our expert advice and personalized solutions firsthand. We specialize in creating results-driven strategies to help you achieve your political goals. Whether you’re running for office or seeking to create change within your community, we’ll provide the guidance you need to make it happen.


30 Minute
Consultation Session

Our 30-minute sessions are the perfect way to discuss your political goals in more detail and begin to devise a solid strategy to achieve them. Whether you want to refine your messaging, strengthen your grassroots support, or increase your fundraising, we've got you covered. Our political consulting services are designed to help you make informed decisions and see results.


60 Minute
Consultation Session

Preparing for a political campaign can be overwhelming, but our 60-minute consultation is here to help. Our team of experienced political consultants is committed to helping you achieve success. We'll go through the nitty-gritty details of organizing your campaign, crafting your message, and building your network. Take the first step towards your political career today with us.

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