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If you want to go far,

Meet Tamia 

A veteran political strategist with nearly two decades of experience building dynamic coalitions and working with national leaders to drive meaningful change.


Tamia has held senior positions in the United States Senate, several presidential campaigns, and served in President Obama's administration for 5 years at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Tamia has built a national reputation for organizing people and advancing tangible solutions in the world of politics, policy, government, and philanthropy. 


T. Booker Strategies supports and uplifts progressive causes, diverse candidates and campaigns, executes effective government affairs strategies, and supports thoughtful stakeholder engagement.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Political Engagement & Organizing

  • Campaigns

  • Government Affairs

  • Training & Development

In the Press




“Tamia is willing not only to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions but also challenge current thinking and creativity. She approaches issues and opportunities with an open mind and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.”

A’shanti Gholar

President, Emerge 


"Our campaign team fell in love with Tamia's people-centric approach to solving problems. She is a quintessential strategist with the work ethic of someone striving for excellence while advising our campaign and coaching our senior staff along the way."

Hon. Randall Woodfin
Mayor, City of Birmingham


 "Not only does Tamia bring a wealth of experience in voter engagement and empowerment, but she also has an unwavering personal commitment to this work. In working with Tamia, we knew that we were getting a professional with unparalleled relationships and  exceptional skills. We could not have asked for a better partner."

Carolyn DeWitt

President, Rock the Vote 


 "I'm so excited to see Tamia launch her new firm. I consider myself lucky to be among her first clients at GAIN Power. Her experience and knowledge on the DC and national Democratic & Progressive political space is extraordinary. Her network is deep and wide. Her perspective on strategy, communications, and organizing are a perfect combination of skills we need. I plan to work with her a lot more and recommend others do too."

Amy Pritchard

Founder, GAIN Power



P.O. Box 15304

Washington, DC 20003

Phone: 202.573.8058 


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